How To Pick The Best Foot Massager - A Buyer's Guide

There are plenty of options to buy the best foot massager. The easiest way to make a purchase is by going through authentic reviews and shortlist the right products for relaxing your feet. Below, we have reviewed the top 10 foot massage machines on Amazon for your convenience.

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  • Powerful vibrating massager
  • Offers 11-speed options
  • Includes a comfortable foot pad
  • Ideal for diabetics
  • Recommended to patients with neuropathy
  • Full replacement lifetime warranty
  • Massages lower back and calves


  • High price tag
  • Does not massage neck, shoulders, arms, and upper body
  • Simple design

MedMassager is a brand catering to everyday activities for the past seven decades. This manufacturer is known for its best medical massage units providing flawless in-home therapies. Thus, the first on our reviews list is the MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager Machine.

This powerful device offers eleven different speeds for delivering a vibration massage of approx 3,700 Rotations Per Minute (RPM). Besides offering intense foot massages, this massager also provides relief to your lower back and calves.

Don’t ignore this foot massager for its minimalist design. It is capable of massaging several parts of your body. It also offers various power options, through which you can treat intense pain and stress together.

Since it offers blood flow stimulation, we recommend it for people with diabetes, neuropathy, and plantar fasciitis. It also has the ability to massage your neck, arms, shoulders, and upper body.

It may seem expensive, but the comfortable massage pad is worth its price. This footpad includes an arch-bar and a surface that targets pressure points. With its effective vibrations, you can relieve pain and discomfort quickly.

Finally, MMF06 offers a lifetime warranty with a full replacement cover. Thus, you can trust this product and relax your body every day. Also, this feature makes it an ideal gift for massage and relaxation.



  • Offers an easy foot operation
  • Shiatsu foot massager
  • 18 rotating massage heads
  • Affordable
  • Heating function 
  • Lightweight
  • Dual foot massage
  • Reflexology foot massage
  • Stylish


  • Only two-speed functions
  • Heats only on high speed
  • Does not include a timer
  • Does not turn off automatically

Beurer is a German brand that caters to health, beauty, and well-being. It has contributed to the health and beauty industry since 1919 and offers an extensive range of medical and fitness products. The second product on our reviews list is the Beurer Shiatsu Foot Massager.

Shiatsu massagers work on the Japanese term ‘Shiatsu,’ meaning ‘finger pressure.’ It is a traditional massage therapy based on applying pressure to certain body parts in a rhythmic sequence. Being a Shiatsu foot massager, FM60 works similarly.

You can find this machine in a stylish white glossy finish. It consists of only two buttons – the power switch and the mode button. Next, this dual foot massager includes 18 rotating Shiatsu massage heads in a pair of nine for each foot.

Further, it offers a breathable mesh cover along with adjustable rubber feet. You can always select from two height options and turn the rubber feet clockwise or counterclockwise.

FM60 also includes a heat function and two-speed settings: low and high. So, if you wish to wish to activate the heat setting, keep the speed high.

While this massager boosts your feet’ health, it does not have a built-in timer. This means you must turn off this device manually after every massage. 

On the flip side, it is easy to carry anywhere as it’s lightweight. Besides being an affordable massager, it also provides a Reflexology Foot Massage. This deep kneading massage offers professional quality comfort to your feet.



  • Deep kneading rolling pads
  • Shiatsu foot massager
  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Offers 2-year warranty
  • Easy to clean
  • Toe-touch control panel
  • Washable
  • Regulates blood pressure


  • High price scale
  • Does not massage other body parts

HoMedics® is serving as a wellness brand for the last four decades. Since 1987, it continues to offer super-innovative products that make everyday life easier. Hence, the third on our list is a Shiatsu foot massager by this brand.

This Air Max Heated foot massager offers an air compression function to provide a soothing massage. This feature works in a to-and-fro movement offering better blood circulation to your feet. You can choose from three compression intensities (low, medium, and high) for the best massage.

It is easier to clean and requires low maintenance. You can firmly slip your feet inside the machine and operate it using the simple push-button panel. For convenient use, you can let your feet handle these buttons. Because this massager offers a chance to zip and unzip, you can always machine-wash it.

Also, this deep kneading massager consists of an optional heating function. When warm vibrations penetrate your tired muscles, the massage feels more relaxing. You can enjoy a massage therapist-like experience with these foot rollers.

With toe-touch controls, people with back pain can use this machine effortlessly. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year limited-time warranty.



  • Works on your ankles
  • Multiples massage modes
  • Stylish
  • Remote control available
  • LCD screen
  • Squeezing massage for comfort
  • Massage rollers
  • Easy to clean
  • Space-friendly structure


  • Expensive 

Best Choice Products is a famous wellness brand that lives up to its name. It is popular for its fantastic customer service and high-end products. Thus, we are continuing with one of the best foot massagers on our list from a pick from Best Choice Products.

This massager is not limited to your feet like many others on the market. You can find it relieving pain up to your ankles. So, no part of your legs and feet will go out of focus. This massager offers various options to provide the best massage by Shiatsu kneading, rolling, and pulsing.

Also, this stylish massager comprises an LCD screen to display all necessary stats. You will find a remote control in its box for controlling power, speed, and massage directions. Also, this remote can help you change the modes between customer, manual, and automatic.

In the Auto mode, you can enjoy a therapeutic massage on the toe, sole, and arches of your feet. It is easy to clean and unzips easily for washing. For its portable and space-saving structure, you can keep this massager anywhere in your house.



  • Multifunctional foot massager
  • Shiatsu massaging
  • Deep kneading function
  • Relaxes calf muscles too
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Easy to clean
  • Remote control available
  • Works as a reflexologist
  • Dual foot massager roller


  • High price point
  • Only 1-year warranty
  • First-time users feel uncomfortable
  • Heavy
  • Noisy massager
  • Not preferable for sensitive feet

If you are longing for a soothing massager offering spa-like services at home, then wait no more. H&B Luxuries may not be a famous brand, but its Kendal foot massager is one of the best foot massagers on our list.

We are reviewing it for its multipurpose features and excellent service. It features a Shiatsu massage function with vibrating, heating, and rolling. Also, it includes a 360-degree all-cover massage.

Besides relaxing your sore feet, it will also provide a beauty treatment to each foot. This massager offers an ergonomic design that particularly targets the sensitive areas of your calves.  You can also relax your soles with this massager after a long day.

Its working is similar to a physical infrared therapy that boosts blood circulation and metabolism. You can make the most of its automatic massage program. The kneading massage rollers of this machine work on reflexology therapy.

If you select the custom massaging option, foot and calf massage can operate separately. You can select both the massages together or one at a time. This device offers three modes for foot massage, three levels of heat, and three intensity levels for calves.

It offers a handy touch panel and remote control for handling functions. With the flexibility of a detachable fabric foot cover, you can firmly clean this massager when you want.

While it offers a 1-year warranty only, you may find it expensive.



  • Relieves sore feet
  • Best for chronic pain
  • Preferable for plantar fasciitis
  • Dual foot massager roller
  • Toe-touch control panel
  • Remote control
  • Rotational massaging heads
  • Easy to clean
  • Detachable mesh inserts


  • Expensive
  • Only 1-year warranty
  • Heat function could be stronger

Belmint is a brand popularly known for developing massaging and relaxation products. Thus, we are reviewing its foot massager to help you relieve feet soreness and plantar fasciitis. 

The Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager is arguably the best foot massager for chronic pain, blood flow, neuropathy, and muscle tension. We recommend it to anyone who is looking for a kneading Shiatsu massage.  This massager offers an optional heating element for comfort and warmth. You can relax muscle tightness with this massager and ease tension quickly.

This dual foot massager offers a footbed with rotational massaging heads for each foot. With its detachable mesh insert, you can slip your feet inside while allowing it to breathe. It is easy to clean and provides user-friendly controls.

Besides offering remote control, it offers a toe-touch controlling panel. Hence, you can handle pressure settings, heat, and modes without bending.

You may find it pricey because it offers only a 1-year warranty. But regardless of its price point, this massager is portable and lightweight.



  • Several massage styles
  • Knead and heat massage available
  • Reflexology therapy available
  • Shiatsu foot massager
  • Boost blood circulation
  • Larger foot rooms
  • Easy to clean
  • Stylish


  • High price tag
  • Not preferable for foot baths
  • Not preferable for sensitive feet
  • No remote control
  • Heat function could be better

RENPHO is a famous fitness brand known for its smart home products. While this manufacturer focuses on wellbeing, its foot massagers are the best. The RENPHO foot massager machine offers a relaxing experience to all.

In its sturdy plastic body, you can find fabric massagers for a complete foot massage. This machine offers a knead and heat feature for a therapist-like foot massage. It consists of a rolling ball and a rotation stick that provides a Shiatsu massage.

Often, its stylish structure attracts people and makes a great choice for gifts. But, this item is not preferable for foot baths and offers no remote control. Avoid this product if you are sensitive to squeeze and knead massages.

With this foot massager, you can adjust between three kneading levels and massage intensities. By offering a chance to switch between low, medium, and high, first-time users can test this massaging machine easily.

It includes a touch-toe control panel for changing the functionality while sitting. You can also detach its fabric inside and wash it to boost health.

This foot massager includes a large foot room. Hence,  men and women with an approx 12 feet size can easily massage their feet.



  • Perfect for an athlete’s bathroom
  • Offers a spa massage
  • Dual foot massager roller
  • Vibration massagers
  • Can provide aromatherapy
  • Heat control system
  • Innovative LED screen
  • Affordable
  • Free brushes
  • Reliable
  • Massages acupressure points


  • Only one massage type
  • Covers only mid-feet
  • Only 1-year warranty
  • Uncomfortable for first-time users

IVATION is a brand that focuses on customer comfort with every new product. Thus, we have its foot massager on our reviews list. It makes an excellent choice for an athlete’s bathroom. You can use it after a tiring week and relax the muscles of your feet easily.

This automatic foot spa massager consists of massage rollers with vibrations and bubbles. You can relax your feet and calf region by using its dual feet massage rollers and vibration massagers.

While this massager only covers mid-feet, you may find it strange at the start. But this machine is reliable and will help relieve feet soreness instantly. Its vibration feature increases blood circulation and keeps your feet soft.

Also, it includes several water jets that result in creating multiple water bubbles. For soothing aromatherapy, you can also include essential oils in this foot spa massager.

The water in this massager heats to an approx 122°F. It makes this device perfect for a spa treatment. Also available is a heat control system to prevent redness, swelling, and throbbing. With a high-end LED screen, you can easily monitor the timer and other functions of this massager.

You can also find free brushes and extra accessories for an acupressure pedicure in its affordable price range.



  • Patented 8-Figure Technology
  • Offers a reflexologist-like massage
  • Treats plantar fasciitis
  • Relieves feet soreness
  • Heat control setting
  • Knead massage
  • Ergonomic design
  • Stylish
  • Reliable
  • Non-skid floor protectors
  • Easy-to-carry handle
  • Air pressure massage
  • Foot massage rollers


  • Expensive
  • Huge size
  • No remote control

Human Touch is famous as a wellness brand for over four decades. From high-tech massage chairs to zero-gravity massage recliners, it manufactures a variety of products. Thus, its Reflex4 Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager is worth a review.

This foot massager is manufactured using human touches. It works on the Patented 8-Figure Technology to offer a therapist-like massage. Your feet and calf region will completely cover in this massager for a relaxing treatment as if human hands are working on you.

Besides offering a healing massage, this machine will circulate your blood smoothly from the feet upwards to the core. It is perfect for aiding ankle pains, fibromyalgia, sore feet and heels.

Also available is the heat setting to help boost the flow of blood and reduce foot pain. This massager includes reflexology rollers under your feet to provide a soothing massage on your soles and heels.

Next, this massager consists of non-skid floor protectors. These will help you keep this unit in place while you enjoy your deep kneading and vibrating massage. In addition, it includes the air compression feature for a warm air massage.

The best feature of this massager is its ergonomic design. You can slightly tilt it to any angle and relax your feet while sitting on any chair or sofa. Its stylish and sleek design works perfectly for home massages.

It offers an easy-to-carry handle for moving it with little effort. Regardless of the high price, its huge and comfortable size provides complete rest to your feet.



  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Three massaging modes
  • Heat setting
  • Air pressure prevent sweating
  • Large foot chambers


  • Expensive
  • Only two intensity settings
  • No vibrations massage
  • Not for people with plantar fasciitis

Brookstone has been contributing to the market for almost half a century. With over five decades of experience in manufacturing fitness products, this American company brings great foot massagers to the market.

F4 Shiatsu Foot Massager is a perfect remedy for people who suffer from diabetic neuropathy. It helps relieve feet pain and numbness. This massager is not preferable for people suffering from conditions like plantar fasciitis. While it lacks a healing function, this massager will relieve pain and kill the stress in your entire body.

Regardless of its weight, you can move it firmly using the handle on its sturdy body. 

With its massage rollers and air circulation technology, this massager relieves muscle tension. The controlling buttons help to switch between two intensity levels (low and high).

You can manage auto massages with these buttons too. The three massaging programs of this massager include Soothe, Pulse, and Energize. Do not look for a vibration massage in this unit.

Also, a button enables the heat setting for the best foot massage. Besides providing a Shiatsu massage, this massager uses air compression to relieve pain.

This unit is pricey but less noisy in comparison to similar foot massagers.


Yes, according to health professionals and customers, the best foot massagers will always satisfy you. Folks can relax their feet by using trustworthy massagers from famous brands.

Not only do foot massagers work like professional therapists, but they also help patients with diabetic neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, and similar conditions.

The above units we have reviewed can relieve tension, pain and relax your entire body. Also, foot massagers offer multiple health benefits like boosting blood circulation, metabolism, and energy.

People suffering from muscle stiffness also take the help of massagers to treat this problem.

Yes, some foot massagers are known for treating plantar fasciitis. If you are suffering from this foot condition, you can try these foot massagers from our reviews list:

  • MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager
  • Human Touch Reflex4 Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager
  • Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager

Also, there are other foot massagers available on the market. You can consult with your doctor for better advice.

Foot massagers have certain features through which you can decide the best one. Firstly, make sure if the unit is offering a satisfying massage experience. Focus on the purpose of a unit before you buy it. People suffering from specific conditions must look for particular massagers.

For instance, if you need a spa treatment, always focus on foot spa massagers for beautifying your feet. Those with sensitive feet must keep away from high-intensity massagers.

Next, focus on portability for in-home massages or offices. An easy-to-clean massager is the best one for quick cleaning and foot health.

Also, compare the features of all foot massagers in your checklist and decide the right one. Do not forget to check for the price tag.

Final Thoughts

In today’s active and busy world, your feet require relaxation to function effectively. If you are working out regularly or remain on your feet for a long day, then you must let your muscles rest. Here, the best foot massager can be your optimum solution.

People used to spend time on body massages, steam baths, and healing sleeps in olden times. But, today, we find it difficult to dedicate time. A foot massaging machine can help you recover knots and sore arches.

Hope you guys have found what you were looking for. Go through all the massagers in our reviews and find the one you need.