What do the brain and the legs have in common? If you said “neurons”, then congratulations, your brain has a lot in common with your legs. In fact, that’s probably why you’re reading this article!

How Are the Feet Connected to the Brain?

The human brain is connected to the lower extremities through what is called the pons. The pons is a bridge of tissue that connects the brain to the spinal cord. This chain carries millions of messages back and forth each day. The pons works with the corticospinal tract to send motor signals from the brain to the arms and legs, allowing us to move them however we please.

The cells in this tract originate in a region of the brain called the motor cortex, located in a strip on either side of the central sulcus. The corticospinal tract starts in the motor cortex and ends in the spinal cord, just beneath the level of the nerve roots. This network of nerves goes on to connect to all of our muscles and glands.

How does pons work and affect our feet? 

The actions we take with our feet are crucial, whether they’re walking, running, jumping or just twisting them a little to scratch an itch. Without pons, it would be near impossible to move correctly. The brain sends a message to the pons, which signals the nervous system, which tells the muscles to contract. These muscle actions are what allow us to stand up, walk, or run. The actions of our legs lead to movements we can do with our arms.

There’s more to it than just that, though. While our legs and arms are essential for everyday functions, they’re also critical for movement in sports like hockey or soccer. They’re used in reaction time and coordination too. Yet, we couldn’t do things without our feet, like jumping rope or dancing.

Muscles get their signals from the brain through nerves. Without the pons, our muscles would not contract unless we had intense concentration and focus. Our entire body would be affected too.

How to Restore Blood Flow to Your Feet and Your Brain?

One of the reasons our brain shuts down at night is because of a lack of blood flow. A lack of fresh nutrients and oxygen would be another reason. It’s important for us to keep our feet healthy to keep our brains working properly.

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As we go through our daily activities, we use our legs. They allow us to walk, run and jump. In sports like soccer and hockey, our legs are used to kick the ball or skate at great speeds. Some of these activities put a lot of stress on our legs and feet. A healthy brain is critical for good health, and functioning without socks can allow blood flow to get back into your feet so you can maintain better circulation in your brain during the day.