Disadvantages of Foot Massage

Foot rubs are a popular form of relaxation and therapy and have been shown to have many health benefits. These benefits can be enhanced when the recipient receives a professional rub. However, there are some disadvantages to receiving this type of foot care that need to be considered.

A widespread complaint of various foot massage recipients is that the feet never seem to get warm. This causes minor problems that may arise for a person during the massage. These problems include frostbite and injury due to the surface of the foot being too cold, which can even lead to infection.

Icy feet also cause issues for a person who may have circulatory problems in their feet. For example, if someone suffers from a vascular accident that causes the blood flow in various parts of the body, especially in the feet and hands. The lack of suppleness in the tissues will make it extremely hard for the muscles to react during a massage. The less flexible the muscles are during a massage, the more damage will occur to them.

A foot rub can also cause medical problems for some people. Diabetes is one such disease that can be affected by a foot rub. With low blood sugar levels, sending blood to the muscles in the feet and hands is not an issue for people with diabetes. However, the blood gets stuck in these areas. This causes the patient to experience a loss of feeling, indentations in the skin and nerve damage.

An individual can also suffer from circulatory problems after receiving a foot massage. If blood is not sent to the feet during a massage, then it does not circulate properly throughout the body. The lack of circulation means a decline in oxygen delivery to organs, which can cause health complications down the line.

Besides the health problems that a foot massage can cause, there is also a risk of injury in a massage. For instance, if the person receiving the massage has injuries to their lower legs, then they may leave those areas of their body untreated. This can lead to further damage happening between injuries and healing.

Foot rubs are also not recommended for people who have excessive pain in their feet due to circulatory problems or arthritis.

How to Minimize the Disadvantages of Foot Massage?

One of the most effective ways of minimizing the disadvantages of foot massage is to hold one’s own hand over the other. If one is receiving a massage to their legs, they can take their hand and put it on their leg. This will prevent blood circulation problems and frostbite.

Another good way to minimize the disadvantages of foot massage is by responding correctly to any recommendations that one receives. For example, if one is kept warm throughout a foot massage, then the muscles will be happy and not freezing.

Because foot rubs can lead to the deterioration of muscles, people with injuries or diabetes should receive foot rubs from someone who has experience. If an individual gets a massage from someone with little or no experience, then it can further damage muscle.

If one receives a foot massage, he/she should remember that this treatment is very different from getting a hand or back rub. One reason is that the foot is a very technical and challenging area to massage. The other reason is that if a person receives a hand or back rub, they can usually tell the masseur if something feels good or bad. This will not work for someone who needs to get a foot massage because they will not be able to tell what does and does not feel good.

A person who receives a foot massage should also remember to tell their masseur if something hurts them from the beginning of the massage. For example, if a person gets a massage to their feet and hurts initially, they should stop the treatment.

While receiving a foot massage, an individual should also remember to relax. This will increase blood flow and circulation in an individual’s feet. The fact that someone is relaxed will also make the muscles more flexible and easy for someone to work on them during a foot massage.

People who suffer from circulatory problems should not receive foot rubs from anyone besides their doctor or a specialized therapist.

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In conclusion, foot massages have many advantages and disadvantages for an individual. The key to staying healthy while receiving a foot massage is seeking help from the right person to have a positive experience.