How Does a Foot Massager Help With Arthritis?

Pain caused by arthritis can make it difficult for sufferers to get around. With a foot massager, they can help ease joint pain and increase mobility at the same time. The foot’s sole primarily takes pressure from the bodyweight, which leads to wear and tear. A proper massage has been shown to stimulate collagen production, the natural tissue in human skin that strengthens the skin to fight against aging. 

People with arthritis may also benefit from a foot massager by using the machine to relieve their pain. According to researchers, 15 percent of the population suffers from arthritis. This figure translates to over sixty-eight million Americans. Massaging the feet helps relieve arthritic pain and eases other foot-related problems such as calluses, bunions, and athlete’s feet.

How Does Foot Massager Work?

A foot massager comprises an electronic motor, a control panel and a set of rollers that rotate within a plastic housing. The motor is connected to the rollers via a set of gears. The rollers rotate at varying speeds and a certain angle, creating friction between the roller surface and the foot. The friction causes the body to heat up and relaxes muscles that support the joints. This is what makes people with arthritis feel better after using a massager.

Reaching up to 20,000 pulses per minute, the foot massager offers a gentle deep tissue massage that aids in relaxation and comfort for pain-induced individuals. By physically manipulating the joints and encouraging blood flow into the area, many people find that their pain is alleviated by the time the session ends. 

The foot massager machine vibrates the rollers to loosen up the muscles and joints. These rollers increase blood flow to the affected area and improve tissue metabolism. The massager can work on several body areas, including gluteal muscles, shins and calves. Using the foot massager reduces pain, improves mobility and enhances range of motion.

Benefits of Foot Massager

Foot massagers are beneficial for people suffering from arthritis, sciatica, lumbago and other types of joint pain. A typical session with a foot massager uses less than four minutes, although it is suggested to use as much time as possible to treat the affected area.

Other Benefits 

1. The massager helps with sore muscles and sore joints.

2. It promotes circulation and flexibility in the affected area.

3. The device treats acute pain during an injury or surgery.

4. The machine improves joint mobility and relieves stiffness.

Other types of pain that a foot massager can treat are:

1. Headache

2. Back Pain

3. Neck Pain

How Do I Use a Foot Massager?

A foot massager machine makes it simple to massage the affected area. It is often recommended to give your body a break from strenuous activity after an injury and start a regular session with a foot massager.

Below are some steps for using a foot massager

1. First, relax in a comfortable place. Make sure the whole body is relaxed to avoid additional injuries.

2. Turn on the massager and select your desired level of intensity, type of massage and duration of usage.

3. Before placing the massager on your feet, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water to prevent cross-contamination between wounds or open sores and the device itself. Otherwise, you could risk further skin damage.

4. Place the device on the affected area and have your feet supported by a pillow.

5. A foot massager has different speeds to cater to the different needs of individuals. These speeds also affect the intensity of the massage and make it less painful for users to endure. Adjust your desired setting and move it across the affected area in a smooth, rhythmic motion for best results while massaging away pain caused by arthritis.

How Much Does A Foot Massager Cost? 

Foot massagers can be acquired at the cost of $50 and above, depending on the brand, unit type and uses. Some massage machines are electric while others are powered by a battery. The ideal foot massager should have an ergonomic design with non-slip, non-skid pads that allow for convenient use in a bathtub or shower without slipping. The device should also have an adjustable speed controller to suit different types of users and preferences.

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Foot massagers are recommended to unload pressure from the feet and decrease pain. In addition, it improves the range of motion by stimulating the affected muscles, thus helping to promote relaxation. A foot massage can increase blood flow to the affected area and speed up recovery time. Furthermore, it eases any swelling in the feet and helps relieve symptoms caused by arthritis.