Foot Massager and Its Benefits

Foot massagers are not only beneficial to your feet but for overall health. They not only provide relief to pressure points but also help with conditions such as plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, and general aches.

A foot massage is a type of reflexology that can be used anywhere from once a day to every other day for 10-15 minutes. The best place to start is with the balls of your feet. It’s important that you massage each foot individually so there are no missed spots. 

Some of the benefits of a foot massager are:

1. A foot massager can help relieve the pain in your feet.

2. It can also prevent calluses from forming on your feet.

3. This machine is excellent for all ages.

4. It helps in reducing blood circulation and blood pressure.

5. It can also help with muscle fatigue.

Process of Massaging Feet

You should massage both feet for short time periods throughout the day. The first 5 minutes should involve rubbing and pressing your foot in circular motions, starting from your toes and moving up towards your ankles. Spend about 5 minutes massaging the top of your feet.

Also, you can try standing with your toes pointed towards each other with the ball of your foot on a stair or step. Then, use your fingers to rub and press along the length of your arches. Another trick is to place a towel around your foot with both hands grasp the end of it, then pull it back and forth towards you.

The next 5 minutes should be spent massaging from the heel up towards the ankle bone. This will help improve blood flow in the legs as well as help with burning calories.

Types of Foot Massagers

1. Air-Heat Massagers

This kind of foot massager is usually made up of 4 airbags placed inside a plastic case. The air and heat produced by these bags are thoroughly adjusted to treat your feet. In addition, this massager is the most costly foot massager available on the market today. 

This machine is made up of high-octane airbags so it has the ability to produce high massaging pressures. It is also equipped with rotating massage heads that have been specifically designed for your feet. These pads rotate on both the front and backside of your feet with great precision.

2. Shiatsu Foot Massager

A Shiatsu foot massager is a type of massager that uses high-frequency vibrations and rollers to stimulate several reflex points in the feet to improve blood flow. This massager relieves aches and pains in the feet, ankles, legs and back. The Shiatsu foot massager comes with four different intensity levels to allow the optimum setting of the machine. It also has a timer and two infrared heaters for heating the body, reducing inflammation, and improving blood circulation.

3. Electric Foot Massager

Electronic massagers have been around for many years and are similar to a battery-operated shaver, which vibrates at different speeds. These devices are very powerful and can massage your feet with more intensity than a “soft” electronic massager. These devices are made to fit the contours of your feet. For example, the foot massager can be adjusted to fit the heel, arch or ball of your foot.

How Long Should a Massage Last?

Determining the duration of a foot massage is knowing the area where it is required. 

1. Inflammation/ swollen feet: 10 to 15 minutes 

2. Fibromyalgia or other connective tissue disorders: 15 to 20 minutes. 

3. Allergies: 25 to 30 minutes.

4. Insensitivity: 30 to 40 minutes

5. Old injuries: 40 to 45 minutes. 

6. Skin disorders: 1 hour and more.

7. Varicose Veins/ Spider Veins: 1 hour and more. 

8. Diabetes and other diseases: 1 hour and more.

9. Neuromas and Arteriosclerosis: 2 hours and more.

10. Bacteria/ Fungus/ Viruses: 2 to 10 hours.

Massage Techniques

1. Effleurage: After you sit down on the chair, begin with gentle effleurage by the hands; this is done to increase your comfort level.

2. Friction: Using friction will help stimulate the muscles and nerve endings. This technique also helps dissolve the lactic acid under your foot and causes blood circulation to increase. Moreover, it helps bring oxygen and nutrients to your feet and enhance their healing process.

3. Deep Tissue Massage: Using the circulation technique allows the massage therapist to change the pressure and depth of the massage. 

4. Lifting, rolling, tapping: Using these techniques help to remove pressure from deep under the skin; this is done by lifting and rolling down various parts of your foot.

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It’s important to remember that a foot massager is only beneficial if you use it regularly and effectively. It should be used on both of your feet every day and at least for 15 minutes per session. If you follow these steps then within a few weeks you will see an improvement in the functioning of your feet. You should remember that using a foot massager will help improve blood circulation, reduce pain, provide relief for soreness, and strengthen muscles.