Different Ways to Detox Through Feet

1. Dry Foot Massage

To perform this at home, you need to have a hot water bottle. Its use would help in loosening muscles and increasing blood flow through the body. The process commences by placing the water bottle under your calves and slowly massaging the foot for 10 minutes. Dry your feet with a warm towel after finishing the process.

2. Icy Cold Foot Bath 

Perform the process with your feet pointing up or down. During this procedure, take a shower and drain excess water from your feet. Then, apply a cloth over them and sprinkle some salt on top. Leave the feet for two hours in freezing conditions. Your body will flush out toxins with the help of cold water.

3. Foot Refresher

The process entails soaking your feet in a tub filled with warm water. Add Epsom salt to the bath and leave the feet submerged for 15 minutes. Rub them dry with a bath towel after the process ends. 

4. Foot Scrub

Use a mixture of almonds, oatmeal and olive oil to exfoliate the feet. This process also cleanses the skin and improves blood circulation on its way up through the body. Also, you can rub your feet with sugar and lemon juice for the same effect.

5. Walking Barefoot On Grass, Sand Or Any Other Soft Surface

Walking barefoot on grass will help you eliminate toxins in your body and improve your blood circulation. To increase the detoxification process, avoid walking on concrete or tiled surfaces.

Benefits of Detoxification

1. Increased Energy

Because your body absorbs nutrients through the feet, this process boosts your overall health. The body is thus able to absorb all the nutrients it needs for better functioning.

2. Improved Immunity

The metabolic process of detoxification enables your immune system to cope with diseases better than before. This would also help you recover from a cold faster and retain energy for longer periods of time. 
3. Better Sleeping Pattern

The process of detoxification helps your body get rid of pollutants that cause insomnia. If you are suffering from sleep disorders, the method will help you achieve a better sleeping pattern. 

4. Better Muscles

The blood flow through the body increases while you are detoxing. This process helps in tightening your muscles and improves metabolism.

5. Enhanced Skin

The toxins in your body affect the skin’s ability to retain moisture. However, once you detox through your feet, your skin is able to retain the required amount of water and become moisturized. This can help you get rid of wrinkles and other issues such as pimples.

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People are often mistaken for being lazy when they don’t want to work out or do what is considered routine. In the same way, people are also not aware of the benefits of detoxification through their feet. These procedures can help you manage your weight, have better skin and most importantly feel and look alive. Get rid of extra weight and other health issues with these simple processes.

It is an effective method of removing toxins from your body. You need to perform regular detoxification exercises, which are as simple as a dry foot massage or icy cold foot bath and wading in water.