Introduction to Need for Massages for Runners

Runners are often hurt when they run. In the recent past, runners have reported injuries correlated with, but not necessarily caused by, running, such as knee pain and shin splints. Massaging helps to relieve these conditions and can also be beneficial to runners in general. However, many people may lack the time or resources to schedule regular massages. This is especially true since many runners have to fit in their runs during the off-season when there is little time for sports, and it is even more difficult to schedule a regular massage. Many runners find that they can alleviate some of their aches and pains by giving themselves massages regularly.

Massage Techniques for Runners

Massage can help runners ease the tension in their legs, knees, hips, back, etc., simply by applying pressure to specific areas of concern. For example, people who suffer from shin splints could apply pressure to the affected area with their hands or even roll a tennis ball over the surface of the shin. This helps to ease pain and swelling, and therefore runners must schedule regular massages to relieve themselves of any pain and tension that they feel during their runs.

Massage for Prevention Purposes

Massages can also be used to prevent injury. For example, a runner may be concerned about running on the seawall during an upcoming marathon. On the day before their race, many runners will give themselves regular massages to loosen up their muscles and avoid any problems in the race. Many runners also hold the belief that massage is good for strengthening muscles. Therefore, it is beneficial to give a massage when one is injured as it will help them recover faster from an injury by helping them “strengthen” their muscles. However, there is no notable evidence that suggests that massage has any significant effect on muscle strengthening.

Massage for Pain Relief and Relaxation for Runners

Lastly, massage can be used as a means of relieving pain. In some instances, runners are very stressed from running and are therefore susceptible to injury. Giving oneself a regular massage can help alleviate the tension in one’s muscles and run more comfortably. A runner’s fatigue can also be a direct cause of muscle tension. Therefore, massaging one’s muscles is a way to relieve this fatigue and allow runners to run further distances with less pain.

Benefits of Massage for Runners

As aforementioned, an important benefit of massage is that it can help runners avoid injury. Massages also allow runners to advance their physical endurance by relieving tightness and running more comfortably. In addition to muscle recovery, massage can also help runners feel more relaxed.

So How Often Should a Runner Get a Massage?

The benefit of giving a massage is that you can use it to relieve pain and tension in the muscles. Since it can be hard to fit a massage into one’s routine, the best time for a regular massage is during the off-season, especially in the weeks or days before an important race.

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Massage can help runners understand the importance of keeping their muscles loose and healthy. It can also be used to help runners maintain their strength and flexibility before a race.